Want maximum performance? Choose Autoline Drive DMS.

Designed for the unique demands of today’s automotive retailer, Autoline Drive can lift your dealership operations to the next level. Powered by an Oracle database, this open platform works hard behind the scenes to connect your systems, departments and locations to help you create a seamless consumer experience.

Key Features

  • One integrated platform to power every dealership department and location
  • 360° view of all your customer interactions
  • Lead management and campaign automation tools
  • Streamlined processes to get everyday tasks done faster
  • All the information you need at your fingertips
  • Mobile ready from the showroom to the workshop

Never miss an opportunity

Autoline Drive helps you find your next customer and keep them. Marketing tools make it easy to plan and manage multi-channel campaigns, as well as monitor your marketing budget and return on investment. You can automate many of your marketing activities and create personalised customer lifecycle communications to help retain customers. Use trigger actions (such as service dates or vehicle ownership anniversaries) to automatically communicate to your customers with the right message, at the right time and make sure you never miss an opportunity to keep in touch.

Control your sales pipeline

With integration of website and campaign leads, use the power of Autoline Drive to immediately put opportunities in the hands of your sales people. This ensures they are followed-up promptly, before the customer goes elsewhere. New walk-in enquiry? Capture customer information within moments of them arriving using a tablet device. If they’ve already made contact online, you can instantly access their enquiry.

Accelerate showroom productivity to win more deals

A consistent showroom sales process can make a big difference to how many deals your team members win. Guide your sales people through every customer interaction using a tablet device. From qualification of needs, to vehicle financing, to creating the perfect handover, you can be sure that every site is providing the best possible car buying experience. To maximise profitability, sales managers can remotely monitor and approve every deal in progress.

Meeting customer expectations with mobile technology

It’s your DMS, take it with you. From the showroom to the workshop, there’s no need to interact with your customers from behind a desk, unless that’s what they prefer. Whether you’re building them a compelling offer for a new vehicle, checking in their vehicle for repairs or carrying out a full VHC in the workshop, all these processes in can be carried out on a fully integrated tablet device. It’s about providing customers with best possible experience, at the same time as improving your workforce efficiency.

Stay connected to your vehicle manufacturer(s)

Autoline Drive helps you effectively manage the evolving requirements of the brands you represent. Easily send information and receive business critical data. A wide range of interfaces to the various manufacturer systems ensures you always have the latest information. They also eliminate data re-keying, improve accuracy and simplify many common dealership processes. These efficiencies across many departments and sites can add up to big gains across your organisation.

Data at your fingertips for insight-led decisions

Autoline Drive reporting gives you a single view across departments and functions, so you can make the right decisions for your business, every single day. Use real-time data to stay in complete control, increase efficiency and spot opportunities to cut costs. Set your KPIs and monitor your performance with role-specific visual reporting outputs. An easy-to-use report generator interface also allows you to create the bespoke reports that you need.  And since you can access all these reports from a mobile device, you can stay up to date wherever you are. 

Autoline Drive Case studies

Autoline Drive - Station Garages

The speed and transparency of Autoline Drive made it an easy choice for Station Garages. The DMS has freed staff to focus on delivering a great customer experience -  providing a fast and effective source of information, rather than pulling information from numerous VW group systems.  

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Autoline Drive - Monaghan & Sons

Using Autoline Drive's integrated CRM and VHC solutions to communicate with their customers at vital touchpoints and improve dealership processes.

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Autoline Drive - Blackstone Motors

Blackstone Motors applauds the ways that Autoline Drive is transforming business processes and impact on customer communications. The 'superior' showroom module enables them to reach 5,000 customers at the touch of a button.

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