Submit your idea
At the end of the idea development phase you are required to submit a PowerPoint presentation in PDF format. The deadline for submitting is April 16.

Please remember to fill in your team details (the team leader can do this) and ensure you upload your PowerPoint presentation (saved as a PDF) using the file upload section.

If you have any additional files or documents to support your idea (wireframes, demos etc) you do not need to upload these, just ensure you have then handy when you present your idea to the judging panel in the following two weeks (we will be in contact to confirm your presentation date and time).

Next steps:

Once you have submitted your PowerPoint presentation (saved as a PDF), we will kick off the judging days on Monday April 19.

You will have a 15 minute presentation slot to walk the judging panel through your ideas. Please note, if you wish to give a demo of your idea you will need to incorporate it into this time.

Once you have finished your presentation there will be some time allocated for questions from the panel.

Following the completion of all the judging days, the winning team from each university will be announced by Keyloop and invited to the National Final, which takes place on May 12.

  • It is recommended that you use Adobe Acrobat PDF reader to complete the proposal template

  • Please download the proposal template in PDF format and save it before editing. Please do note edit in your web browser as your details will not be captured.

  • Please use your laptop rather than your mobile phone to complete your PDF proposal. Save your final version as a PDF file before uploading to the site.

  • If you have any technical problems, please contact us at