Service Online

Service Online Convenience is an online service booking solution

Make service booking simple for everyone

Buying a car is only the start of your customer’s relationship with you. After their purchase they expect and should always receive great customer service. Giving them access and control over their service and repair booking process, using Service Online, is just one more of the ways you can wow them.

What is Service Online?

Your customers are busy people. Many choose, and want to go online to perform everyday tasks. So, how can your service department join the online booking revolution? You can provide your customers with a simple, convenient and personalised service when they’re booking their vehicle service or repair online with Service Online.

Service Online benefits everyone. Your customers can manage their own bookings anytime via your website. They can choose a date, service and time that suits them (when they actually have their diary to hand) and book. Plus, it frees your staff up from constantly receiving, confirming and re-arranging bookings over the phone.

Service Online integrates seamlessly with both Autoline and Autoline Drive. Your customers can book personalised service and repair appointments quickly and easily online. Automatic confirmation is sent and a work order is automatically created within the DMS and the time allocated within your workshop – you don’t need to do a thing.

Do you think you can already do this?

If your customers can already book a service or repair on your website? Is their booking synchronised with your live workshop diaries? Or are they in reality just submitting a request for an appointment, which then needs to be reviewed manually by your service team before being confirmed with your customer?

Service Online uses intelligent resourcing to only offer appointments which reflect the available resource needed for each service booking line. It provides a personalised, real-time service booking combination which is automatically confirmed by Service Online and added to your live DMS workshop diary.

In addition to updating their contact and vehicle details within the DMS, your customers can view your current dealership offers, amend appointments or request optional extras all at the click of a mouse.

Isn’t it about time your website and workshop diary got in sync? Watch this video to see how.

Key Benefits

For your customers

  • Simple sign-up - easily create an account and password
  • Book quickly online anytime, anywhere - using a PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Choose convenient timeslots – select from any available appointments
  • Transparent pricing - View the full cost of each complete service at the point of booking
  • Service options - Choose from any number of additional service options to be included in a booking
  • Automatic confirmation - email confirmation of booking
  • Booking flexibility - easily alter or re-arrange appointments

For your dealership

  • Take bookings anytime* automatically online - Customers can book appointments at any time of day. Appointments booked out of hours can be seen instantly in your workshop diary
  • Capture lost bookings - If a customer abandons a booking at any stage, you'll receive a report, allowing you to follow up and try and confirm an appointment over the phone
  • Resource reallocation - booking staff can be utilised for other key dealership tasks
  • Know your customer - on the sign-up page, you can request additional email addresses and contact numbers
  • Real-time DMS integration  - Seamless integration with the DMS ensures new appointments are booked directly into your workshop diaries - no re-keying required
  • Intelligent auto-resourcing - only offer available appointments which meet the timed resource availability required for each selected service booking element.

*System may be unavailable for short periods of time for product updates. Service Online will work in ‘offline’ mode when DMS ‘end-of-day’ processing is in progress.

Your customer's journey only starts with the sale. Keep them coming back to your dealership with Service Online. Fully integrated, fully automated, always ready.

To find out more about how Service Online can help your dealership, watch the demo video below:

Sytner - Using Service Online to make service bookings more convenient.

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