Just-in-time parts

Ready to centralise your stock holdings? You can manage parts sales and the logistics supply chain for your whole dealer network with this Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) and hub-and-spoke management solution. Improve delivery to your branches with automated intersystem orders and scan-based logistics for goods in and goods out.

  • Central Sales Order Management and intersystem ordering
  • Scanner-based Warehousing: for goods-in, goods-out and stock check
  • Integrated WMS: for parts distribution, despatch and goods-in

Sell and deliver parts faster

Create happy customers with fast parts delivery as you integrate your distribution points with central sales order management, Inter System Ordering (ISO) and Electronic Data interface (EDI) tools.

  • Increase parts turnover
  • Optimise stock distribution across multiple branches
  • Receive multiple deliveries per day of the right parts, at the right time. 

Slick Warehouse Operations

Significantly speed up goods in, goods out and stock checking using barcode scanners and a full warehouse management solution. Stock accuracy is greatly improved as barcode scanners say goodbye to those manual data entry errors.

  • Barcode scanning for receipting, unpacking, and cross-docking
  • Barcode scanning fo picking, packing, despatching and stock-checking